Dear You, yes you, the person who's on this website reading this right now, 





Thank you. Without your action or words in life, the Earth probably would've spun differently and not have allowed me to be as great as I am today. I am, Karl, a young individual from the suburbs of New York City hoping to continuously stand out in a room full of people. Here lies a website that displays some of what I deem to think my greatest optics to date. A round of applause for each and every model for allowing me to use them as a muse. Another round of applause for man for creating the structures and locations that I photograph. I appreciate you, the user, the consumer, the model, the critic, the curious soul for taking the time out to indulge in my website and who I am. Everything else just takes it's course from here. So in the end, thank you, god bless you and yes there is someone better than me but when you're here, I am the greatest and will be better than them one day. 







Sincerely Yours,

K. Visual







Special Thanks To:

Kristel J. Alan M. Devin Dennis. B. Rambo. Betties.